We're always happy to take care of your catering needs, large or small!

With Stiles Switch BBQ, you will always receive the highest quality of local meats and fresh sides made in-house daily.  All of our meats are slow smoked on site in our wood fired pits using only Post Oak wood. We believe you cannot compromise quality, therefore, we strive to exceed your expectations with our BBQ as well as our service.
Check out our catering menu below!
( Prices are for 35 people or more)

• Beef Brisket
• Sausage
• Pork Ribs
• Potato Salad
• Cole Slaw
• Pinto Beans

Served with all the fix-in's:  Switch Original Sauce, sliced pickles and onions, with choice of bread.
Vegetarian menu options available upon request!

(”Family Style” BBQ available for Full Service Catering only)

$19.95 per person



Trimmed Brisket cooked over Post Oak wood using indirect heat, the Switch Signature item.


Choose from the spicy Switch Original, the all beef Thorndale or the Jalapeno Cheddar.
Made from the local markets of Thorndale and Taylor Texas. If you can't decide, just ask for a little of each.


Slow cooked Pork Spare Ribs with our own special Hawg Rub. Pull right off the bone.


Both chicken halves and chicken breast served moist and tender.


Heavy on pepper and lightly salted, this is a house favorite. Always juicy and full of flavor.

Two meats with two sides: $13.50
Three meats with two sides: $16.50 (per person)

• Potato Salad
• Mayo Cole Slaw
• Cajun Cole Slaw
• Pinto Beans
• Mac-n-Cheese
• Corn Casserole
• Cucumber Tomato Salad



Additional sides ~ $1.95 per person
Sweet Tooth ~ $2.50 per person
Banana Pudding - Banana Chocolate Pudding - Peach Cobbler
Wash it all down ~ $8.00 per gallon
Iced Tea - Sweet Tea - Lemonade